Life insurance
for parents.

For parents, by parents.
We believe that life insurance is fundamentally good.

Parents often have a specific set of needs. That’s why we give straight forward advice on modern, flexible life insurance for parents who want efficiency and affordability.

"See Daddy, I told you how"

In the UK of those without life insurance 43% are parents.

I'm A Parent

We are life insurance specialists just for parents.

Parents typically have a set of needs that change significantly over time.

Modern life insurance policies make it easy for you to adjust or ‘ladder’ according to your changing needs and are fully controllable by you. Quite a difference from the usual ‘set it and forget it’ nature of life insurance. 

The ‘laddering’ makes it a lot cheaper for you in the long run.

One small form, and a chat with one of our FCA-vetted insurance partners and you’ve got the picture.


Why do you need life insurance you’re in full control of?

Dying is obviously not on your to-do list, but the reality is that every 22 minutes a child loses a parent they rely on financially.
As a parent, you typically have a large financial burden when your kids are young and less as they grow.

As you pay down your mortgage, as your kids become adults—you won’t need as much coverage. Adjust your policy by “laddering,” or keep it the same. The choice is yours.

How it works


Fill out our quick quiz form.


Have a friendly chat with a expert in life insurance for parents.


See if your approved and celebrate protecting your family.

Giving back.

We donate £1 to Balls to Cancer for every valid quote we process, even if you don’t take the cover. 

Do you have questions? Here are the answers...

Our policies are issued by highly-rated veterans in the life insurance space.

Life insurance is time-tested and we only present insurance providers who have a long history of paying claims. They are usually household names.

When you start a policy with one of our partners,  they give us a thank you for recommending you. We donate £1 for every valid quote to Balls to Cancer, even if you don’t take the cover.

Absolutely. But don’t just take our word for it – they’re all FCA authorised which means they’ve signed up to a duty of care to ensure all customers are treated fairly. 

As parents, we have have devoted a lot of time finding the best policies for us and ones for our friends.

In many case these are modern policies written and managed by household names in the UK, so you don’t have to worry.

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, and sadly it’s a contributor to disease and death in many people. We need to know if you smoke because it increases your risk of death. But be honest – if you tell porkies, your insurance may be invalid and not pay out.
There are a couple reasons you need to speak to someone on the phone. First – unlike car insurance where there could be a few thousand quid a stake – with life insurance we’re regularly talking about half a million quid or more. For that reason, life insurance companies like to have a recorded conversation to make sure you are who you say you are should there be any disputes if a claim arises. And second, we firmly believe that speaking to real human beings ensures that your requirements are fully understood and you get the right cover for you and your family.